Your number one source for squeegee blades

Our company produce squeegee blades and  side skirts in a fast and exact way, for all types of scrubbing machines.

Based on our production experience we find the optimal solution for You, in order to offer the best price/value proportion! In this we expect your active cooperation.

Based on a sample we can produce rubber for all types of scrubbing machines, including those which operate well, but it is impossible to buy parts to them anywhere else!

The following comparison clearly shows why it is worth using reproduced parts:

Original part Reproduced part
 Price/value proportion is not favourable  Realistic price
 Sometimes long delivery time  Prompt delivery, for any type of machines
 In case of some types quality is unequal  Equal quality, wear-resistance

It is important for us to serve You and our partners smoothly!

If you wish to look at our squeegees, please choose based on brand in the menu on the left side. If you do not find the squeegee in the list for your machine, send us a sample or a drawing with the exact dimensions and this way we will be able to produce it for you!

If you would like a short summary of the advantages of our products, go on reading!

Squeegee blade

 Complete set! Front (water permeable), back (wiper), support rubbers, splash protecting side rubbers, according to your needs.
 Perfect liquid removal! The floor becomes immediately dry, avoiding any accident
 Comprehensiveness! It can be used for cleaning hard and soft floors
 Rapidity! If it is not on stock, thanks to our fast production, we produce it for You within a few days. If personal receipt is not feasible, we send it to You by post.

Floor pads

It is a product with excellent quality but favourable price produced in Europe, based on an American licence.

 Wide choice, which ensures that your scrubbing machine will get a scrubbing disk of excellent quality.
 We can also provide scrubbing disks based on unique demand, so that we can meet your need!
 Large stock, for fast delivery!